by Temper

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released October 1, 2016



all rights reserved


Temper Leipzig, Germany

five friends making music - thats it.

temper is:

Finn - vocals
Tino - guitar
Markus - guitar
Rico - bass
Paul - drums


  • Jul 18
    Leipzig, Germany

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Track Name: Covered By The Dust Of Routine
I have to admit that I feel scared
I have to admit that I feel scared
of everything that's gonna happen
and everything I might become
now that I settled down I look at you differently
but the longer I look the less I will see
from time to time I notice
how decisions will form us
and the dust we are breathing in
deafens our tongues and kills all our will to speak
there are so many things to do
there are so many things to do
to be honest oh I have to admit
and I can't deny
I am carving my habbits in stones I can't lift
Track Name: Curtains Grey
you know me I've forgotten
how things turn out to change
I take unfinished paintings and colour them in grey
it's all the same

always one step further I can't control my feet
I'm moving on
Seeking for some footsteps
I know I cannot reach
I'm hanging on

and I look back where I came from
my traces I can't see
I failed so terribly

my fingers clench and I scrawl the lines to no end
and I pile up the sketches it feels like they all look the same

but am I really willing to find an end to that
or has it already become myself?

and the canvas eats me
and the canvas covers me
and the canvas eats me
and the canvas covers me

I think it's all the same
I am moving on
Track Name: Undone
meet and greet
long time no see
time is not my property
it's not about how I've been
but what I've done

it's embarrasing how I don't really care anymore
I didn't know how to ask how you are
and if I wanna know'
cause I am expecting your answer to be
"yes, I am lonely and I think that you left me alone"

and so I sing along with my new friends
and so I just keep my distance

so I don't know what I feel sorry for
probably that if I am honest
I don't really care anymore
Track Name: The Time I Saw My Father Cry
This time I saw my father cry
on his father's hospital bed
said he looked exactly like
when his grandfather died

he buried his face in his hands
and I didn't know what to do
so I sat down next to him
but my arm wouldn't lift

I don't know why
we never managed to
get over the distance
between the two of us

you never have taught me to draw
pictures of love
so now I am not able to show
pictures of love

this time you'll see your father cry
on his fathers hospital bed
I hope that you will lift your hand